so i went to the gym today constant commentary and harassment

it is incredible. from other members and mainly the staff.

shaking my head. insanity

im too exhausted to even go through it

then im supposed to get a half hour phone support

and my counsellor called for business instead of me getting to generally talk to someone to debrief

i liken it to someone tethering you down and force feeding you

she keeps on piling on more and more information and it makes my head want to explode

this constant state of not knowing limbo shit

is enough to put me in the hospital literally

if they were worth their weight in salt

theyd resolve things with this ass


thats what they would do

so i can stay until im moving out of windsor period.

so i dont have to move

and then move again

like i can afford that?

further the market rentals in windsor have imploded in cost

in fact they are almost comparable to places like london kw or hamilton

so if it is the matter of forty bucks

i might as well live where i want right?

that said everything is so expensive

i can barely afford to survive HERE let alone

it is just so stressful on me i could spit

i have had a job offer up there mind you

nothing glamorous but something is more than nothing

but i have my riding and my counsellor and that here.

and all the aggravation pain and history

it is so stressful and complicated

my neck hurts and im going to bed now



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