true love

i laughed at savoy dancing as bud

at pride 2017

on tracey erin's public vid

and Savoy obviously trash talked me to her?


are you really that insecure about yourself and your relationship

that you think if i talked badly about you to her

the truth mind you

shed think less of you?

That is because you know youve done wrong.


what i had to say to her if i said anything to her

wouldnt threaten you in the least

and your testimony that im dangerous

is so unfounded and part of your drama acting skills

all 5'3" 110 lbs of me.

ooo wee look out

i might throw some viciously pelted kitty kibbles at you girl.


you are the ones that killed a kitten and threatened to  harm ME

but im the dangerous one?

if im so dangerous why havent i been incarcerated in trouble

in the dungeon?


because your allegations are unfounded and created as a diversion to you being the abuser

that is what abusers do

they try to invalidate the voice of those theyve harmed

so no one will believe them

doesnt change a damn thing honey

the truth

is still

the truth

and you can never

out run that.


why are you still so threatened by me?

ten years later.

oooo wee girly

use one another on.

birds of a feather.

i scratch your back youll scratch mine

or ill use you for my gain

youll use me?
hey true love baby

true love.

Becky cares so little of me that yesterday she was trying to call me when i was too upset to talk

four times

today not a goddamn single word.

good riddance

wanted rid of me?

youve succeeded.

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