long day

stupid workers that are getting paid

and doing nothing to help me

i need advocacy right now and legal representation and housing help


spot on

and i have all these workers that are retained and working for me supposedly

but they are getting nothing accomplished

and not guiding me or standing the fuck up for me.

what this guy is doing is absolutely illegal

and he should be told so

i went all the way in the monsoon rains to see the new housing worker that is useless frankly

some new kid hire

the woman she is replacing is a veteran

and she knew how to get er done

this moron is so useless

i mean totally ineffective as a housing worker.

we need advocates

we need their help because we have difficulty getting and sustaining housing.

and she is like a little girl imp

o is there a way to work this out she says to him

and he says no and lies to her and she says ok.

well nope

what he is doing is 100% illegal


same with the lawyer i have.

do something

i am seeing beth anne tomorrow and i will ask her if i have to scream with my eyes bulging out of my head

until something gets done

if the stupid housing worker isnt helping me solve this here

then she should be providing me with other housing options.



she wasnt even there when i got there

can you imagine?

i had to meet with some other woman.

and sue would take photos from my cell phone i would email in of my documents

and that was good enough

this stupid broad made me go all the way there

where there are no buses to speak of

and then isnt even there

let alone advocate for me to this douche bag

or help me find something else.

that is her goddamn job

so beth anne has housing workers that work for her

and she has lawyers that work in her office.

chop chop lemon drop.

anyways im done talking about this

im gonna go sit and watch a show

and go to bed.


soooooooooooo fn exhausted

im going to end up in the hospital for sick no word of a lie.

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