I don't want to go back to counselling at all now except my horse back. This place has no confidentiality and they are all interconnected and one and the same. You think you're talking to one person alone in confidence and you are talking to every agency virtually in Windsor. I can't stand being here. I feel pigeon holed and conspicuous. I don't like going for a walk alone because you can't without being hypervisible. I detest it. I feel confined and suffocated. 

If the cicb ever came thru I'd be gone where I have no history gossip and enclosure.

I feel like a lion with the illusion of freedom in an elaborate fenced enclosure. But if I tried to make a break for it outside the fence they'd chase me down with ATVs and a big net.

I just HAVE to get out of here.

Here's to another night of crying myself to sleep.

At least tonight I could shut my light off.


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