heres another one for ya to give you perspective on this "town" and its experience for me.

it is always flying in my face.

i feel perpetually spat in the face.

i go to get my hair cut the other day

no where to go

there is no where where they know how to cut hair properly let alone do anything properly

fuck even when you shop on foot it is like you live on a reserve or your shopping at a yard sale.

you pick from the junk they have.

anyways, along that vein i went to get my hair cut

it was kind of late in  the evening and i went to the one place

and they were mocking me literally outright so i left.

i went over to the borics that is horrendous by reputation i was to the point

i just needed it done

so i go in and the woman that cut my hair

was a woman i met at a gym a long time ago when i first moved here

she was a druggie.

like big time.

and she was sexually abused by a family member too

she had gone to the SACC and they HELPED HER even tho she was a layered addict

but me no i was "too angry"

no too sober and intelligent more like it. bigoted unprofessional

lydia fiorini should be charged literally for what she did to me

if she would have helped me we could have prosecuted my father at that time

i was still a minor

instead she destroyed my whole life.

well, so far.

sister aint dead yet.

anywho i go to get my hair done and Erin is the only hairdresser still on

i swallow hard

Erin had gone to the SACC and Lydia told Erin at the time not to be my friend because i who is clean and sober and has three degrees, is a 'bad influence' on a highschool graduate junkie.


so Lydia helped her

and now Erin functions.

works fulltime as far as i know at Borics or at least part time

someone told me she was on ODSP too. but i digress.

she is a functioning contributing adult

so why and  how does she rate for help

and i dont?

prejudicial bullshit

i have more potential and talent and intelligence im sorry

than she would ever possibly offer up

but they just refuse me?


the wildlife center and the humane society director on the board of directors

all cahoots with my dad using his/ our property


the cops preventing me from doing anything constructive or positive with my life

because they so arrogantly think they are some how mental health professionals.

i am a hell of a lot more 'well' than this town colors me to be or makes me be.

that is the truth. right there.

they limit and squelch me instead of holding me up mentoring me and being fair to me.

as a victim

not the perp.

you dont villainize and blame the victim

im not crazy ptsd is not crazy

your ignorance drives me crazy

makes me crazy

with frustration and oppression.

cops are NOT mental health professionals; how offensive to those that spend their entire lives to train as such too.

just audacious.

anyways i gotta get moving

dunno what i will do today

i think i might go down to the river and check out windsor's pride.

joke. again.

rolling my eyes.

fuck i cant even get a job stocking produce because the cops stave it off at every impasse

i cant work study volunteer even

the cops get a cpic and treat ME like im the criminal instead of the victim of crimes.

it is absolutely ludicrous

windsor police windsor in general so low levelled and ASS BACKWARDS.

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