much longer

tired of being alienated

instead of appreciated


tired of being berated

instead of belonging.


tired of being barely tolerated

instead of celebrated.


and i cant stand the hurt and sting of the rejection

that much longer.

they wonder why you have ptsd?

everytime i trust anyone

they always abandon me

i feel like a kid that has been sluffed through the system

one rejection after another in way of treatment

left side lined and alone regardless of the trust i show

and the effort i put forth

to work with them

they reject and judge me for the exact reasons

i seek their help.

figure there is no help anyways

just judgment

maybe if i looked a different way that solicited their sympathy or played into the patriarchal notion of a damsel in distress they might respond differently?

so sick of being mistreated, untreated


left to rot on the side lines or die off

no one giving the slightest of damns.



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