banged my head on a clip thing on the front of a cage at the wildlife center; gouged my head open a bit.

i think i have a concussion tho

i feel dizzy and funky and it hurts more than it looks.

kind of bugs out my eyes too kind of makes me want to be crossed eyed

not good.

no good deed right

they have these metal hooks on the front of the bird cages and they hook the thermostats for the heating pads in the birds nests on them fronting out

well i had cleaned the pigeons in the other room's cage, and had to recover them from the bird room and put them back in

id rather grab em with my hands than use the net

so that is what i did except for two i couldnt get

but anyways i dove in to grab one so focused on the bird

and wallop

gouge on my forehead like a scrape broke the skin and bled and everything

but it impacted a lot more than it looks

like a bruise around and on the scrape at the front hair line lemme tell ya.


and becky bit my face off today at riding when i asked about toby


can we all say disrespect much? she would never dare speak to any other person like that but me.


she knows that i have no one to complain to and she knows that the hospital already paid; if she gets me to quit or respond then she is off the hook for throwing me out for exploding back or walking myself out.


purely nasty


i was asking about toby and she snaps at me im so sick of talking about this topic this is all ive spoken about since last thursday so if you dont mind im done talking about this.



i literally almost instantly cried that is how harsh it was.

ok maybe she thought i was being insensitive.

i am a very practical down to earth person; i talk about shit. and i did have toby as my horse for a few weeks; so i guess i have the right to know. ironically toby bit me when he was alive, and she just bit me about his death.

sir chomps a lot. thats for sure. lots of bite marks when it comes to toby

speaking of toby i havent seen my cat outside named toby in a long while.

i hope that she is ok.

a lot of the cats in that huge colony have not been showing up; i suspect that someone is feeding them elsewhere which is fantastic or someone is trapping them up and removing them- not so fantastic.

regardless they are not suffering anymore anyways. and if they are finding other food sources even better because then i dont have to worry about them anyways when i move.

i would like to bring in pooter and big boy..... the rest are on their own.

rudy and squirt need fix. if they are eating somewhere else perhaps they will do it ha ha but perhaps.

so today i cleaned the small oppossums and they are snappy nasty little buggers.  cute but b-a-d. 

i was literally afraid of them. trust me working with animals is not for the faint of heart.

i mainly did bird cages today that is just fine with me.


we had a good ride today anyways

the horse spooked at first

but we chilled and got back on track.

ended up doing a good ride. obstacles etc

i am learning that everyone scares us, hurts us and lets us down. inevitably

and that doesnt mean you need to write everyone off.

finding the line of what you put up with and what constitutes abuse is another tale for another time.


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